• Implementing web application using C++

    C/C++, Programming

    On this video you would be able to learn how the server application works and interacts with the client's request. If you intend to start your own web application written in C++ then you are in the right track, this would be your starting point to learn C++ from simple coding into complex.

    You can add more features as you wish, customize and extend functionalities.One piece is missing from the video is the headers implementation which I think it is included once it is downloaded.

    If you cannot play the video please click [Youtube: Implementing Web Server Application using C++]

    I am selling the codes (ServerSocket, Socket and Main) for only $1. If you are interested just click "grab a code for $1" and you will be redirected to Paypal. Yes I accept paypal method only.

    If you have any questions just leave a message and it would be my pleasure to answer your question.

    Always remember "Stay Learning and Stay Young".

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